Florida’s OFFICIAL best politician in the 2010’s has been revealed

Florida’s top politician has been revealed for the 2010’s, and it will blow you away.

Our team of highly reputable and intelligent scientists have made a determination as to who it is, and your mind will be blown.

How could it have been Rick Scott?

No, there is only one politician from Florida who had a true impact in 2016, and folks, it is the President.

But he’s from New York! You may say. This may be true, but he has since decided to move to Florida, and Florida is better for it.

That politician?


He has won the number one slot.

Runners Up:

2. Governor Ron DeSantis

3. Adam Putnam

4-22 All of Ron DeSantis’s Cabinet Members:

23. Barron Trump

24. Rick Scott

Down near the bottom of the “GOOD LIST” is Marco Rubio, who some analysts have said is essentially a Democrat.

At rock bottom, and dead last, is Andrew Gillum, noted for his communistic views, high crime rates in Tallahassee, and being pro taxes.