Shock: Hillary to make major announcement tomorrow as Impeachment heats up

If one person in the world hates Donald Trump more than Adam Schiff does, it’s Hillary Clinton.

Trump beat her campaign, despite spending a lot less, having to fight off the media, the deep state, and Obama, who spied on the Trump campaign.

Now she’s back, and wants to claim what she believes the American people OWE HER as a form of TRIBUTE for all her service.

“Word on the political street now is the rumbling that the impeachment probe launched by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may be the crack that opens the door for another presidential run by Hillary Clinton. This time, the thinking goes, Hillary would be running with vindication that the 2016 election was ‘stolen’ from her and she can ascend in 2020 to reclaim the mantle for her party and the majority of the country that voted for her,” writes Nate Ashworth, editor in chief of Election Central.

“Clinton’s sallies against Trump raise a key question: is she gunning for a rematch in 2020?” asks The National Interest.