Washed up rock star runs as Republican against Trump and the GOP response is priceless

Joe Walsh sang for a little known rock band called “The Eagles,” but that appears to be the only patriotic thing about this man.

The Eagle singer has decided to run against Donald Trump, causing the GOP to have a primary.

What’s the big deal, he’s going to lose anyways, you may be thinking.

Well that’s where the problem comes in.

Now that there is a Republican Primary, every county in the United States now needs to hire poll workers, compile voting databases, send out mail to Republicans, and make sure everything is correct. Some counties are even spending 6 figures to make sure Russian’s don’t get into the voting booth (which they never have anyways.)

Although Joe Walsh may be thinking he’s singing the American people a rock seranade, the people are going to boo him off stage. He can’t win, and even worse, every paycheck you take home, a percentage is indirectly going to Joe Walshes little campaign.

So maybe Walsh should stick to the sex, drugs, and rock and roll, and leave Governing to the PRESIDENT.