Official Poll: Should Zephyrhills Fire Deparment Merge with Pasco County?

It’s getting really… heated in Zephyrhills.

The City Council is looking into removing the Zephyrhills Fire Department and merging it with the Pasco Fire Rescue squad.


Because there is a big budget shortfall, and it could cost many millions of dollars to pay the firemen what they need to keep our city safe.

So the council is thinking about merging the station with Pasco Fire Rescue, kind of like what Dade City did.

But people in town have a LOT of opinions.

Victoria E:

 Living in Riverview before it grew so much, I can tell you changing from a city run fire station to one operated by the county was a nightmare. Response times doubled. On 2 occasions I was present at there was no response as they were tied up at a larger fire in Brandon and they took priority. The same will happen here as the larger areas take priority over the smaller city limit area. Paramedic response times were insane.

Devin Alexander: 

I want to thank the City of Zephyrhills & City Council for the countless special meetings and workshops held to provide details on our options as a city going forward in re: Fire Department and to allow the public to voice there thoughts/concerns. While this is a tough decision, it’s the right decision. I have no doubt our Council will ensure that our fine men and women are taken care during the merger.

So where do YOU stand?

Vote below and share your thoughts.

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Should the fire department merge?
Should the fire department merge?
Should the fire department merge?