Nearly half of all millennials now need glasses due to too much “Screen Time”

In a sign of the times, the people are becoming more “nerdy” so to speak: requiring glasses at record rates.

Why is this?

Because of too much eye strain at a young age.

I’ll admit, I am the first person in my family who needed glasses. I’m 31. I grew up playing gameboy all the time, and the eye doctor said that because I was so nerdy and never went outside, I needed glasses.

Now with kids taking the screen time to whole new levels, nearly HALF of all teens requiring corrective lenses, and the science is proving it.

According to the report released by United Kingdom-based eye care company Scrivens Opticians, the percentage of 13-16 year olds in the U.K. who need glasses has nearly doubled over the past seven years — from 20% in 2012 to 35% in 2018. Two-thirds of those teens were diagnosed as being myopic, or short-sighted.

So what the eye doctor told my mom in the 1990s is true: too many video games (or cell phones) will cause irreversable eye strain.

At least glasses are trending.

“Children’s eyes continue to grow until early adulthood, and their vision is changing too,” comments Sheena Mangat, an optometrist with Scrivens, in a statement. “Because conditions such as short or long sightedness can happen gradually over time, neither children nor parents can ‘see the signs’, which is why regular eye checks are so important.”